Gerard. A. Renno

Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Latvia to Lebanon has been awarded the medal of the parliament of the Republic of Latvia and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Latvian ministry of culture.

The path of Gerard Renno can be summarized in three titles: a diver into the ocean of architecture in its creative nature, a traveler in the world of humanitarian, culture, and civilization bestowal, and an active and ever-present diplomat in the consular's corps. a trinity he embraced to insufflate the spirit of renaissance, and development, and modernity in our Lebanese society.

He was born in Deir El Kamar on February 25, 1963. He is married to Gisele Abou Selwan and has a girl named Angela.

His father is the late professor Assad Renno, one of the greatest Lebanese artists and one of the last giant classics.

He studied in the Antonine School, specialized in interior design in "Michel-Ange des beaux arts" academy, and obtained his university bachelor degree in 1987.

He has innovative ideas in the decorative field, revealed by creative coupled with modernity, and he has left prominent fingerprints in a large number of Lebanese palaces and villas.

He has been granted an honorary membership in the lions club- new Jounieh since 2002, thus his social presence is as important as his architectural activity.

In this regard, his initiatives have transcended the narrow geographical level and the limited local community cadre to fulfill great humanitarian and national needs.

Gerard Renno is an Honorary Consul General who has honored his country with his world presence and his enlightened vision.

The Consular exchange between Lebanon and Latvia has started in 1999 when the Consulate was inaugurated and when the Latvian ministry of foreign affairs designated Gerard Renno as a consul general of the Republic of Latvia to Lebanon since 1998. He was entitled with the mission of ambassador, i.e. to take care of Latvian nationals coming to Lebanon, and to facilitate the travel of Lebanese wishing to go to Latvia.

Based upon his consular posture, he has acquired an objective analysis of the international political reality and has forecasted the future. He has launched the Lebanese- Latvian cooperation and has led it to its paroxysm. He has carried from this beautiful country humanitarian values through which he wanted to inspire the Lebanese legislation with modern legislations that are rights- protective and that bode a spring in the field of legislation and law.

Consul General Renno has made the Republic of Latvia familiar to Lebanese, uncovering its richness and paving the way for employment, investment, and trade to the Lebanese. In fact, he has encouraged the import of very high quality wood, wood and paper industries, textiles, and medicines from Latvia.

He has also encouraged Lebanese to attend the Latvia universities and higher institutes which are highly developed scientific institutions and to specialize in various fields such as medicine, engineering, aviation, computer, etc...

In a notable act, Consul Renno shed light on tourism in Latvia, on its specificity, singularity, and on its sophisticated health and hospital services.

He has encouraged the Lebanese-Latvian partnership, and has opened the Lebanese labor market towards world businessmen, companies, and unions of trade chambers, thus contributing to the establishment of a vaulting economic strategy, in an attempt to contribute to the activation of this sector and its advancement, and especially to ensure the economic harmonization between Lebanon and Latvia.

His enlightened personality has reflected his interest in art, so he encouraged the exchange between two countries at this level and he was the main responsible of the cultural intersection that gathered Lebanese and Latvian innovators.

He has organized the bases of diplomatic, economic, and cultural relationship between the Lebanese and the Latvians in an objective and wise manner, and has strived for the activation of the Lebanese community's role in order to serve the interests of the nationals, to take care of the Latvian community residing in Lebanon, and to preserve their interests.

Gerard Renno is a world figure and one of the Lebanese diplomacy symbols.

He has enriched our community through his word, his presence, his economic movement, and his humanitarian service and has contributed to the promotion of our immigration status. He has reunited in his pioneer personality the distinguish economist, the innovative artist, the diamond diplomat, and the white-handed humanitarian activist. Deserving the title of "2009 man of the year"

He has fought ignorance by giving a great push to culture.

He embraced the moral values by adopting the approach of openness and fighting against extremism, having faith in the Lebanese cause and in his civilization message.

He is one of the modern renaissance movement corners. His path was especially marked by his attachment to people's issues, problems, and priorities.

He has borne great responsibilities and has shown a notable capacity in terms of design, organization, management, coordination, and auditing.

He has contributed to the establishment of a link between Lebanon and the Lebanese Diaspora and has gathered information and guidelines mixing an intransigent principle and a flexible style, with no duplicity, haggling, or dependence.