Real State office in latvia

Business and economics run in cycles. Latvia currently is an untapped investors' dream where never again will such timely opportunity be in balance with stability.

Sollers Consulting is a Latvian owned and registered limited company. We work on behalf of our clients, unique in that we can provide you and your business with liquidation sale commercial and residential properties in the historical and commercial centre of the city at values often below their rebuild costs.

We possess unique knowledge about real estate market investment environment and trends in Latvia. Based on these market trends and our analysis we are hugely confident about the expansion and development of this dynamic region. We believe that Riga`s excellent geopolitical situation favors cross border investments to create landmark developments. This leads to yet another direction of our business operations - delivering fine investment opportunities to our existing and prospective clients, as well as taking respective care of their legal issues and transaction conclusions

Our services:
- Apartment/Building/Land/ Development Project Sales and Lease
- Office/Commercial real estate sales and lease
- Vendor/Buyer Representation And Agency
- Investment Search
- Individual research based on request
- Income Projections and Financial advisory
- Asset and property management
- Feasibility studies and financial modeling
- Development consultancy
- Concept elaboration and advisory
- Legal advice and transaction assistance

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