Visiting Daugavpils in October 2013
The Consul General of the Republic of Latvia to Lebanon, has visited Daugavpils while his stay in Latvia in October 2013 for a business mission.
He met with Mr. Janis Lacplesis, Chairperson of Daugavpils city council, and they discussed potential future business relationship between Lebanon and Latvia and how to attract the Lebanese investors to Daugavpils.

About Daugavpils
Daugavpils city and Daugavpils fortress
Size of the fortress- 72 square meters
Population 105000
Distance from Riga 220km

 Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia. It is a big traffic center from west to east, and the second largest industrial center in Latvia. The city performs the tasks of multifunctional regional significance. this is a center of education, culture, manufacturing and services in a cross- border area. In the nearest future, an international regional airport "Daugavpils" will start its operations.
Daugavpils fortress is a unique architecture, fortification, technical and nature- protection complex. The construction of the fortifications started 1810 till 1878 when they were fully completed.
It became one of the five Latvian objects included into the UNESCO temporary list of Latvian culture and historic heritage.
In the future the fortress is supposed to be included into a common route of Baltic fortresses. Moreover, a union of ideally reinforced cities will be established. It will unite similar fortifications in Europe.
Currently various projects are implemented in the fortress to make the culture and tourist object even more attractive.