Welcome to the Consulate General of The Republic of Latvia to Lebanon

The Consulate General of Latvia in Beirut represents the Republic of Latvia in Lebanon and covers the 5 Boroughs of Beirut, Zahle, North of Lebanon, the South of Lebanon, and the Mont Lebanon. Its broad mission is to promote Latvian interests in Lebanon and to provide assistance to Latvians visiting Lebanon and residents. The Consulate seeks to assist in fostering broader knowledge in Lebanon about Latvia and to facilitate increased business, educational, and cultural relations between Lebanon and Latvia - one of the European Union's fastest growing and historically and culturally interesting nations.

Things you should know about Riga

  • Riga is the largest city in the three Baltic States
  • There are three major ports in Latvia - Liepaja, Riga and Ventspils, as well as seven smaller ports - Skulte, Mersrags, Salacgriva, Pavilosta, Roja, Lielupe and Engure, which are situated along the entire coastline of Latvia.
  • Riga is Europe's capital of art nouveau architecture
  • Riga is one of the greenest city in the region
  • Historic center in Riga is included in the UNESCO world heritage list
  • Riga , ranked as the best large European city for cost effectiveness by FDI Magazine
Largest cities or towns of Latvia


Rank Name Pop.


1 Riga 705,703
2 Daugavpils 103,053
3 Liepâja 83,884
4 Jelgava 64,748
5 Jûrmala 56,147


6 Ventspils 42,657


7 Rçzekne 34,912
8 Valmiera 27,217
9 Jçkabpils 26,378
10 Ogre  





Latvian government decides to keep in place almost all Covid-19 restrictions after Easter

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 From 7 April onward nearly all existing Covid-19 restrictions in Latvia will remain in force, according to amendments approved by the government for the Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection.

The government had previously agreed to discontinue the state of emergency in Latvia after 6 April.

At the same time, on Thursday, 1 April, the government decided to maintain nearly all epidemiological restrictions imposed in the country to halt the spread of Covid-19.

Private events and private gatherings will remain banned. At the same time, outdoor events organized for two households with no more than ten participating people will be allowed.

All public events, including fireworks, will remain banned as well. Processions and protests with no more than ten simultaneous participants will be allowed.

The requirement to wear protective masks in all public places with more than one person (workplace included) will remain in force after 7 April. Wearing protective masks is also compulsory for public places with intense flow of people and in places where it is not possible to maintain a safe 2 m distance.

Wearing protective masks is not required for children under the age of seven years, persons with motor and mental problems, culture sector workers providing presentations, as well as participants of vocal, instrumental and dance lessons. Wearing masks is also unnecessary during performances. Wearing protective masks is also unnecessary during interviews shorter than 15 minutes. Professional athletes are not required to wear protective masks during exercises either.

The requirement for public transports to not carry more passengers than 50% of their respective carrying capacity will remain in force as well.

Restrictions for beauty sector, leisure and events for children will remain in force as well. Hair dressers, manicure, pedicure and podiatric service providers will be allowed to continue their operations.

Culture places and exhibitions will be under lockdown as well. This does not extend to libraries letting residents take books home and open-air museum territories. The professional art rehearsals will be allowed to take place at culture locations from 06:00 until 22:00.

Stores and locations where services are provided are expected to provide no less than 15 m2 area to each of their customers. Stores and service provision locations will less than 15 m2 total area are to allow no more than one simultaneous customer at a time.

Additionally stores and places where services are provided are to ensure there is information available for customers (in foreign languages as well) explaining the maximum number of customers permitted to stay.

Catering companies are to provide only take-out meals.







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































A cyclone dictated weather at the end of last week. Under its influence rain clouds formed above Latvia, bringing moderate rainfall to most of the country’s regions. The cyclone also caused increased wind speed: 20-23 m/sec.

Monday’s air temperature will reach +15° C… +20° C.

Warmer masses of air will flow into the country at the beginning of the week. This means precipitation will back off and weather will be warm. As air temperature gradually increases, it will be around +27° C… +28° C at the end of the week. Night-time air temperature will be around +9° C… +14° C.

At the end of the week, a cold atmospheric front will pass through Latvia from the north-west, bringing colder masses of air to the country. Air temperature will drop again and there will be more rain.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The government supported Economy Ministry’s amendments in two sections: rules for production of electricity and price-calculation when producing electricity in co-generation and rules for production of electricity using renewable energy resources and price-calculation.

The goal of those rules is improving state support for end consumers of electricity, ensuring more efficient use of electricity and predictability of costs, as well as introducing stricter control mechanisms for CHP plants and requirements for provision of support.

To ensure accurate record keeping of electrical energy, heating energy and fuel, Economy Ministry proposes adopting rules to perform records at least once a day for produced electricity and heating energy and at least once a month for fuel used in energy production. This data is to be stored for at least five years.

Rules also state that CHP plans that have not yet commenced energy production have to reach electricity production output of at least 50% of their planned volume within the term provided for the issue of an MPC permit.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The current head of Latvia’s Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity has decided to participate in the open selection process to stay in his post for a repeated term.

The 61-year-old Burkâns has confirmed that he would like to stay for another four-year term. He will likely submit his application next week.

«I have invested all of my effort in the service. I have not looked at other job opportunities. I needed time to assess the situation surrounding the service,» said Burkâns.

The chief of the service mentioned that the fight against crime will never be over. Still, he wants to keep working in the service to make sure the next officers would receive cases in the best possible condition. «I’m not saying cases do not fit international requirements. It is worth mentioning that requirements change all the time,» said Burkâns.

He mentioned that his service works in a very narrow range, which requires deep knowledge in law, financial affairs and money laundering prevention measures. «There is no institution in Latvia that trains officers in money laundering prevention – this is something we have to learn in time,» adds Burkâns.

«Based on what I’ve heard from colleagues, they want me to stay, because it would be hard for them to work with someone else. Officers have an appropriate knowledge level – any newcomer would automatically be below their level. Decisions in regards to freezing money should be made within a day or even half an hour. Such decisions have to be made quickly and efficiently,» said Burkâns.

The State Chancellery has announced an open contest for the post of the head of the Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity.

Candidates have to submit documents to the State Chancellery before 20 March. Candidates will be assessed by a special committee and picked by the prosecutor general.

Burkâns has remained in his post since 1998. His current term ends 31 May.